It is inevitable that surprise guests are going to invade your home at the most inconvenient time. The dishes are overflowing in the dishwasher, the kitchens a mess, your rugs are dirty, the house smells like three day old fish. The guest called at the airport and they should arrive in about an hour. An hour is exactly the amount of time required to get your home in tip top shape. Here are 10 tips to clean your home fast when a surprise guest is coming.

1. The first step is to gather all the tools required to clean the home. This might include mops, buckets, paper towels, rags, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, brooms, dust rags, and more. Assign family members to specific task in the home. For example, mom cleans the foyer, entrance, kitchen. Dad tackles the living room and dinning room. The older kids clean their rooms and bath. The younger kids clean their rooms and bath. Hand out the cleaning tools.

2. Cleaning Tools
Save time by carrying the cleaning tools along to each room. Place the cleaning supplies required in an easy to tote bucket.

3. Surface Cleaning
Simply skim the surface. Don’t spend time deep cleaning. Just make things shine and sparkle.

4. Clean The Entrance
Make a positive first impression on guest by cleaning the entrance area. This includes sweeping the porch area. Cleaning windows and doors. Vacuuming around the entrance.

5. The Kitchen
Take the dishes out of the dishwasher. Place in cabinets. Wipe off all the appliances and counters. Empty the trash and garbage. Sweep floors and mop. Spray air freshener in the kitchen or boil about a teaspoon of cinnamon spice in a boiler filled with water on the stove to freshen air.

6. Rug Stains
Take a look at your rugs at the entrance, living room, and dining room area. Spot clean stains with vinegar and water solution or soap and water. Quickly vacuum.

7. Remove Clutter
Assign one family member to go through all the rooms and quickly remove the clutter. Remove junk mail, newspapers, old magazines. Dump them outside in the recycle bin.

8. Quick Dust
Grab your hand duster and quickly walk through the house dusting lampshades, furniture, mirrors, and picture frames.

9. Bathroom Prep
After quick cleaning the guest bathroom, add fresh towels and guest soaps for your spur of the moment guest.

10. Guest Bedroom
Add fresh linen, to the bed. Fluff out the pillows. Spray the air with air freshener.

10 Tips To Clean your Home Fast when a Surprise Guest is Coming