When hosting the holidays for a big family and group of friends it is important that the inside of the home looks decorated and full of holiday presence and cheer. The first, and more important step before that is to prepare the home as a clean slate. Here are some tips to help you get out the old so you can ring in some holiday cheer.

1. Clutter is the number one enemy of getting started on deep cleaning because it gets in the way. De-cluttering is the most important step.
2. Organizing the clutter can take a few extra minutes, or hours, but it really does help in making sure you know what you have, and you know what is garbage. You may actually be surprised to find you have things you forgot about.
3. Keep those things you need in pretty storage boxes and get a jump start on getting organized for the new year.
4. Before throwing away the clutter, consider if you may help some families in need around this holiday season by donating the items you don’t need anymore that are still in good condition. Old toys children no longer play with, older coats, unopened toiletries and cookware that may be replaced by new ones as gifts this holiday season would be appreciated by families in need who shop at their local donation center.
4. After the clutter is organized, disposed of, and donated, it’s time to move on to organizing what you already have. Are pots, pans, bakeware, and serve ware all in good places that make sense in the kitchen? Are they easy to access? Having these items organized in the kitchen will make holiday entertaining easier.
5. Cleaning out the cabinets and cupboards in the kitchen will also make you more aware of foodstuffs that need to be purchased, and makes it easier to clear out expired food, crumbs, and grime.
7. Next, do the closet. Go through drawers and closets to see what clothes are good for donating, keeping, and what are more of garbage items. Make room in the closets for guest coats, and perhaps get a nice set of new wooden hangers to make the closet entry look nice.
8. Oil all of the banisters, wooden furniture and floors.
9. Deep clean all of the carpets for a plush look and feel, and a fresh scent.
10. Decorate Endlessly!

10 Tips On Deep Cleaning Before Christmas!