It is obvious that what makes a home a home is all the smells that become incorporated. But, what do you do when the smells turn into bad odors? Not only can they wreak havoc on your comfort but, they can also be hard to get rid of.

Outside of grabbing an everyday air freshener, which can mask odors, your best option would be to use remedies that you know will work. So we have listed 10 great examples of odor ridding ideas that are known to work.

Refrigerator Odors
Simply sticking a box of baking soda in the back of your refrigerator will soak up unwanted bad odors. Placing one in the freezer section will also remove odors. If you feel that odors are still lingering, try sticking activated charcoal instead.

Smoke From Cigarettes
If you have a loved one who smokes in the house, then you know how hard it could be to get rid of the smells in your furniture. But, if you use baking soda and sprinkle some in affected areas and leave it to sit for a few hours, the smells will become non-existent. The key is having the baking soda sit long enough. You can then use a vacuüm with a HEPA filter attached. Using the HEPA filter will make sure that all odor causing particles get removed.

Rotting Food in Garbage Disposal
Getting rid of the smell of rotting food in a garbage disposal can easily cause your stomach to turn. But not anymore if you pour everyday white vinegar in it then letting it run. If you have no white vinegar available, you can pour oxygen bleach into it making your disposal good as new.

Smelly Garbage Can Odor
Emptying your kitchen garbage can regularly, is the first step in preventing it from getting smelly first. But, if you become busy with life, you can easily forget about it. The easiest solution is to thoroughly wash it with soap and water and letting it air dry. Then, spraying some disinfectant spray, like Lysol will keep all odors away.

Pet Odors
We all know what a wet dog smells like but, that doesn’t mean your furniture has to smell like your pet. The solution? Place your furniture and their removable parts out in the sun. Then utilizing your HEPA filter vacuüm to remove any odor particles.

Old Smelling Drawers
Baking soda is again, a good idea to use if your drawers begin to smell old and musty. Empty your drawers and sprinkle it in. Make sure to let it stay for at least 3-4 hours. Or even a day or two then remove using your vacuüm.

Dishwasher Smelling Stale
The last place you would think to smell is your dishwasher. You would think that it would stay clean after cleaning your dishes, right? Wrong. So if you start noticing your dishwasher starting to smell moldy, you can pour vinegar into its detergent dispenser and run your normal cycle.

Your Decomposing Garden Compost
If you have a compost pile in your yard, the last thing you want is to smell it as you play with your kids in the yard. To prevent any smell from occurring, keep it aerated by turning it over itself. Make sure to do this weekly for best results.

Not So Fresh Coffee Pot
Everybody loves a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. But, what can you do if your coffee smells not so fresh after making a pot? The best solution is to pour a 50-50 solution of vinegar and water and allowing it to percolate a couple of times. Then brew regular water to thoroughly rinse your coffee pot out before making a fresh brew.

Bathroom Mildew
Having water moisture remaining after taking a bath or shower can create a feeding ground for mildew. To prevent this from forming, you have two options available. Your first option is to make sure your exhaust fan is working properly to suck out all the steam. Second, place a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air.

Utilizing these tips will guarantee that your home life will improve. But if not, then replacing the smelly items will be the better option.

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