You should always do your research when it comes to finding a carpet cleaning professional. There are several things to take into consideration and look out for. Beware of companies that disguise their own cleaning process. Many will claim they have a unique form of cleaning that no other company provides. When in fact, it is the same process other companies use such as hot water extraction. Don’t hire a company that makes false claims or tries to fool you. If you go on their website and read the testimonials but there is no name included, it is probably a fake testimonial. If a carpet company needs to create their own “glowing” reviews that’s a red flag. Be wary of so-called “professionals” that show up to your home in unmarked vans and regular dress. A reputable company will show up in a dressed clean and in a company uniform. Booties should always be worn in your home by the carpet cleaner. This will protect your carpet and avoid the carpet cleaner reintroducing additional grime to your carpet.

Do not trust a company that will provide you a firm quote over the phone. A true professional will need to see the size of your home, the state of any stains and what kind of carpet you have. If they aren’t interested in your details they most likely will charge you more later or do poor quality work. Professional carpet cleaning prices vary depending on what type of building it is and what type of stains you have. The cost can also fluctuate depending on the chemicals and cleaning method that is used.

If you are considering cleaning your carpet yourself, remember, professionals have high quality equipment and trained staff. First they will do a pre-inspection of your carpet and identify the stains that need to be treated. They may then use a pre-conditioning agent along with a strong vacuum cleaner. They will steam call your carpets to remove all dirt, stains and allergens. Their high quality equipment will also such out all of the moisture from your carpet preventing it from getting to wet. When all is said and done, a technician will perform a thorough inspection and follow up on any stains that may need to be treated again. Upon your request, the technician can apply a stain protector treatment that will make sure you are happy with the final results.

The Best Ways To Hire A Carpet Cleaning Professional