When you’re building a new home or renovating one, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make is what kind of flooring you’re going to install. The market is flooded with numerous selections, and one of the options that has been popular for many years is carpet. Carpet comes in a variety of colors and textures, and many people prefer it because it feels soft and cozy beneath the feet. However, if you’re considering installing carpet in your home, there are five essential things you must know.
1. Maintenance. While carpet might look and feel good beneath your toes, it’s important for you to realize the maintenance that’s involved with it. Carpeting must be vacuumed regularly to keep dirt, dust and other debris from accumulating within the fibers. Additionally, certain types of carpet have different maintenance procedures than others. For instance, shag carpet it typically much more difficult to clean and lighter colors tend to show dirt and stains more than darker colors.2. Padding. There’s more to carpet than simply laying down the carpet itself. Carpeting needs to have the appropriate amount of padding beneath since carpet needs a foundation upon which to rest. The padding not only helps the carpet feel and look more solid, but it also helps prevent premature wearing of the carpet.

3. Lighting. It’s always important to take samples of the carpet you’re considering putting in your home back home with you so that you can place it in the room where you plan on putting it. The lighting in your home is likely to be much different from the store’s lighting, which has been optimized to showcase the carpeting in the best manner. Place carpet samples in rooms next to your walls, curtains and couches and observe how it looks throughout the day at different lighting intervals to ensure that it is indeed the type of carpeting you wish to install.

4. Room Purpose. The intended purpose of the room you’re planning on putting the carpet in will have a direct impact on the type of carpeting that you need. Consider whether the room will be a high traffic area or a more formal area that isn’t used as often. High traffic areas do best with darker carpets of tougher materials like Berber, whereas more formal areas can have lighter colors that are made of more delicate fibers.   More Info at Carpet Cleaning Bakersfield CA Site

5. Warranty. Always be sure to check the warranty offered on the type of carpeting that you’re considering purchasing. If your carpet does end up failing, you want to be able to ensure that you have a solid warranty to have it replaced if needed. Also, always ensure that you follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to avoid voiding your warranty.

Carpet: 5 Things You Must Know