The Best Way To Remove Wax Drippings From Your Carpets And Rugs


Candles are all the rage these days, what with aromatherapy, romantic dinners,  and mood lighting, that’s probably the reason that candle wax drippings have been hitting carpets on a more regular basis. And, if that aromatherapy fixed your headache and made all your troubles go away, your headaches will come back twice as bad when you find out you’ve got wax spills on your carpet or rug.   Let’s take a look at an excellent way to get that wax out of your carpet and save your day.


Now, with most  spills onto a carpet, time is of the essence, and immediate action is necessary, run don’t walk, to get your towels and cleanup accessories on-site. However, with wax it’s the opposite, you want to make sure that the wax is dry and cool before  beginning any kind of cleanup operation. This is because, while the wax is hot and wet, it can be easily spread, and then more difficult to remove. So, chill out and relax.


Go your kitchen and get a butter knife, then a stiff piece of paper  and go to the wax spill.  Take your knife and begin scraping the wax in little pieces onto your paper, some a little pieces will fall deeper down in your carpet, so do your best to get as much of the paper as possible. Take care not to damage the carpet fibers during this process. When all the visible wax has been scraped off, throw what you have away, then vacuum the area thoroughly to get all the small pieces that fell down deeper.


Now, get out your iron and take a brown paper bag and opened it up flat, then begin to iron the carpet from on top of the bag, making sure it’s on the lowest setting and keep it moving constantly. The remaining wax will melt from the heat of the iron, and soak up into the brown paper from the bag.


And there you have it, the best way to remove candle wax drippings from your carpet, or area rug. If you run into difficulties, a good quality carpet cleaning company can come to your rescue if need be. Most carpet cleaning professionals will use some of the same techniques as you’ve read here, plus many carry cleaning chemicals that can melt the wax and then be extracted with their equipment so don’t hesitate to give them a call.  Carpet Cleaners like Sani-Bright in Indianapolis are cleaners that can help out and get those carpets back up to pair.


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