There are so many great ways to clean your kitchen quickly, and keep it that way. Here are a few cleaning tips and tricks sure to make your busy life easier.

1. Microwaves are notoriously hard to clean. They have nooks and crannies and dried food from top to bottom. A great trick is to microwave a bowl of lemon or vinegar water for a few minutes and then easily wipe the inside clean. You can also get a plastic bowl cover to keep splatters away from the microwave walls.

2. When you’re done with that bowl of vinegar or lemon water, make sure to pour it down the disposal while it is running to simultaneously clean the food disposal.

3. Always remember to clean as you go. If you’re cooking and in between stirring or watching a pot boil; try to rinse or wash the dishes you’ve already used. You can load the dishwasher or strainer and have less mess to clean up after the meal has been prepared.

4. Along with the tip from above, make sure to wipe down the counter tops and stove right after you cook. Spills will be easier to remove, rather than already dry and tough.

5. Everything in your kitchen should have a home. You should try to keep only the basics out on the counter. When something is not in use try to make sure that it is put away in a drawer or cabinet. This will make it easier to clean the counter tops and give the kitchen a less cluttered feel.

6. Perform a regular purge. Do you really need several pots, bowls, and utensils that accomplish the same thing? If you have many of the same items that perform the same function, it may be best to get rid of duplicates. This will save space and make cleaning easier. The same goes for old food and pantry items. Make sure that you aren’t keeping canned goods, boxed foods, or even refrigerated items past their expiry date. A clean fridge and pantry will make it easier to find and put away items. In addition, this will allow you to search for spilled food before it ruins your kitchen.  More information:

7. If you have a fan in your kitchen that you’re afraid to clean because you know the dust is going to fly, use an old pillow case! Simply slide the pillow case over the fan blades until they are clean, and then shake out the dust over the trash can.

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks