Here are 8 Important things to think about with Photography and Your Wedding!


1)  Pick someone with your style!  And someone good with candids!  Let’s face the majority of your photographs at a wedding will be shots not posed so it’s important to hire a photo journalist style photographer!  (Here’s some awesome candids – this wedding photographer really captured some moments!:  Mariane Maynard Photography)

2) Get em’ booked!  Don’t delay photographers summers book up quick and if you’re having yours on an important day like the summer solstice or something know that things get booked up quickly!

3) Relax!  Meet with the photograph and it will help you relax more!

4) Sign a contract.  This just backs you up and gives you both some assurance.

5) Meet with them a month before wedding to just touch basis – a lot may have changed. – DP Mag